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triplex adj : having three units or components or elements; "a ternary operation"; "a treble row of red beads"; "overcrowding made triple sessions necessary"; "triple time has three beats per measure"; "triplex windows" [syn: ternary, treble, triple]

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  1. Having three parts; triple or threefold
  2. Having three floors or other divisions

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As a general term used in various industries, triplex indicates something with three main components, materials, etc., its meaning depending on the particular industry. (The term triad is often used in a similar fashion.) Examples:

In architecture

  • Triplex buildings, a type of three-unit building (analogous to duplexes)
  • A movie theater with three theaters

In fire protection

In railroading

  • 2-8-8-8-2, a type of articulated locomotive with three sets of drivers
  • 2-8-8-8-4, a similar articulated locomotive type
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